How to shop consignment clothing!

We’ve shared tips on selling versus consigning, laundering your clothes properly…how about shopping consignment? It’s a different world from a department store or mall experience, but not quite the same as thrifting. So, how do you tackle the consignment world? Well, not all consignment stores are the same. Try to narrow down your shop of choice to a place that typically sells brands or styles you like to wear. Designer only? Comfort and casual? Figure out your style preferences and budget ahead of time!

·         Speaking of time…make sure to allot enough time for shopping! Each piece is unique at a consignment store, so there’s bound to be lots to look through. However, since inventory is typically more heavily curated, don’t expect it to be the endless journey that thrifting is! At Labels, we sort our merchandise by type of clothing, color and size to make it a bit easier to shop.

·         List your not-allowed-to-buys: Always buying clutches but never using them? Drawn to black but have too much of it? Cross it off your list and don’t bother shopping in those sections.

·         Wear your most versatile bra/underwear combo, ensuring you won’t have that “will this/won’t this look better with different undergarments?!” thought (and regret). And wear an outfit that is easy to get on and off (i.e. no tall boots, hot sweaters, lots of buttons/zippers/ties) because there’s bound to be a lot of trying on!

·         Try on clothes first, accessorize/shop shoes last! Walk around in shoes for at least a few minutes to see if they’re comfortable enough to take home. The nice thing about secondhand shoes is they’re usually already broken in a bit, so no need to worry about how much they’ll stretch out later on.

·         Only buy things that fit now, not later! “Goal” pieces usually never work out, and by the time it does fit, it may not be your style (or even in style) anymore!

·         Start with your true size, then move around to others, depending on how much time you have and how much you’ve already found. For those who are in-between sizes, think about brands you normally buy/wear and what size you are in that brand, then look in that size. Brand sizing is all so different, so you can’t rely on everything that may fit you beautifully being in the same section!

·         Check back often! Inventory is constantly changing (on average 40 new pieces arrive daily at Labels!). If you are looking for something specific, it’s best to check back frequently so you don’t miss out on those must-have pieces! At Labels, we post lots of new arrivals on our Instagram, so you can always be browsing items in the shop right from your phone!

·         Bring your reusable bag for purchases! For so many reasons.

·         Know your shopping personality: Do you fare better with friends who give you their honest opinions? Or do you get too distracted with companions when you need to be focused on shopping?


There is a bit of an art to secondhand shopping, and it can take time and patience. But if you work with the time and budget you have, you’ll be able to stock your entire closet with pre-loved goods. <3