Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have gift certificates available?

  • Yes, we do have gift certificates available. They can be purchased in person at the shop or over the phone.


Do you accept items seasonally?

  • Yes, we take spring/summer items between March and the beginning of July, fall/winter items between September and the end of December, and transitional lighter-weight items in between those months.

I only have one item to sell and I have never consigned before, am I able to open a new account with just one item?

  • We would like to accept 3-5 items we are confident about in order to open up a new account. However, if the one item has a high enough value that it is worth it for both parties, we will consider.

Where do you donate unsold and unclaimed clothing?

Do you ever accept walk-ins?

  • NEW FOR CONSIGNERS WITH A CURRENT ACCOUNT (have consigned within the last 2 years) ONLY: If you have 5 items or less, you are now able to walk in without an appointment! Depending on how busy we are at that moment, it may take 5 minutes or longer to evaluate your items.

Do you ever travel to do on-site consignments?

  • On-site consignment service is available on a case-by-case basis. We would like to get to know you before we go to your home and look through your closet! Please fill out a contact form on this website (please, no Facebook or Instagram messages!) to inquire. One of our staff will contact you within 48 hours.

Are there certain items you are looking for right now?  What types of items are you accepting?

  • We accept anything current and like-new that we think we can sell as long as it is seasonally appropriate. Check out our Instagram feed to get a feel for the types of current styles we sell best!

Do you accept vintage or fur?

  • We accept vintage clothing as long as it reflects current styles and is in good condition. We accept fur on rare occasions.

Do you take suits?

  • We take trousers and blazers that reflect current styles but will not accept full two-piece suits. Businesswear is typically harder for us to sell in our casual neighborhood, unless it is very current or trendy!

Do you accept wedding dresses/evening gowns/bridesmaid/prom dresses?

  • We do not accept wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses. If you have a wedding dress you would like to consign, please contact our neighbors at Blue Sky Bridal.

  • In general, we do not accept evening gowns. However, especially around the holidays, we take semi-formal dresses that people look for to wear to special events. We just tend to be more selective on these dresses (cut, style, brand) because it is a harder sell. No prom dresses are accepted.

What kinds of children's clothes do you accept?

  • Up to size 8/10 sells best for us. Sizes larger than 8/10 can be harder to sell and we are more selective with what we can accept. Children’s brand we generally do not accept are Place, Circo, OshKosh, Old Navy, H&M, Cat & Jack, Gymboree, Carter’s, Kid’s Korner, Little Me, Cherokee, and other inexpensive brands.

Do you accept large children's accessories (strollers, carriers, etc.)?

  • We do not accept larger accessories. Smaller accessories, such as diaper bags and some carriers (in mint condition), we are able to sell. However, we do not consign toys or books.

Do you accept men's clothing?

  • We do not accept men's clothing. We are strictly a women's and children's consignment clothing store.